Are you prepared to comply with the new requirements of SB 553? Awareness of your assets and vulnerabilities is crucial, especially with the new bill. To prevent and mitigate crime, including workplace violence, security strategies must be implemented to detect, deny, and respond appropriately. Your organization may already have critical components in place. However, the law requires you to assess each job classification and category for workplace violence threats and provide a plan for each. KSG can guide you by assessing your vulnerabilities and recommending leveraging new or existing controls for workplace violence prevention.

Identification of Assets

One of the unwritten components of the bill requires organizations to identify their assets, which include people, property, and information. This identification helps develop mitigation strategies to detect, delay, and respond to potential threats, like workplace violence. Some are known factors increase workplace violence, and some are specific to your working environment. To understand both, a Workplace Violence Vulnerability Assessment can perform a workplace security evaluation to identify and provide mitigation strategies in addition to the existing administrative, technical, and security controls.

Many organizations tend to consider workplace violence prevention as an internal issue, but it extends beyond that. As most homicides fall under Type 1 incidents, it becomes crucial to comprehend the measures in place to prevent or delay such occurrences.

Understanding the vulnerabilities of your assets and addressing specific types of workplace violence helps organizations implement prevention strategies. To create a safe and respectful workplace, fostering a culture of respect, encouraging employee participation, implementing comprehensive policies, and providing ongoing employee education such as situational awareness training is important. By prioritizing safety and well-being, workplaces can create a secure environment.

Kolins Security Group can help you improve your awareness and compliance regarding Workplace Violence Prevention (WPV) by developing custom plans for your business.

Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Requirements

Commencing July 1, 2024, California employers are required to implement a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Plan, ensuring the safety of all employees across every work area per SB 553. While this initiative is specific to California, our expert team is ready to extend its support nationwide, tailoring solutions to your unique workplace. Here’s an essential breakdown of the key components, with a focus on California workplace violence plan compliance:

SB 553 Workplace Violence Plan Requirements Cycle and Considerations

  • How do you evaluate your training?
  • Communication to staff/management?
  • How do you document the event(s)?
  • Who is responsible for this compliance cycle?
  • Have you conducted a specific job WPV Vulnerability Assessment?
  • Have you trained management and employees to identify WPV?
  • Do you have a planned and effective communication strategy?
  • Are Detection of delay measures in place?
  • Do you have the capability to secure the required new documentation?
  • Do you have an established timeline process?
  • What security, technical, and administrative processes are in place to prevent further WPV during this period?
  • Are there people and a process in place from the receipt of the claim?
  • Do you have a Threat Management Team or Threat Assessment Team with key stakeholders?
  • Do you understand your security controls to elevate detection and awareness?
  • What training does staff have to investigate WPV?
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Kolins Security Group can help you improve your awareness and compliance regarding Workplace Violence Prevention (WPV) by developing custom plans that identify the known and potential risks specific to job classifications, operations, and location. Our team of skilled, certified, and experienced security professionals can provide Workplace Violence assessments and a comprehensive security vulnerability assessment, policy development, training, and further consulting services for addressing WPV in real-time. This will add great value to your business and help you better prepare for potential WPV incidents. Call us today to find out more.

There are 4 different types of Workplace Violence