Kolins Security Group has conducted thousands of commercial property risk assessments. Our experts identify vulnerabilities using industry best practice guidelines to provide a complete assessment of your property, business model, and other relevant factors. Our team of experts will make recommendations regarding risk mitigation based on our security risk analysis.

From assessing your property to providing you with a plan of action, we can ensure you have all the tools needed to minimize risk at your facility. In addition to highlighting these potential risks, we can develop solutions and countermeasures that prioritize safety. Contact KSG today for expert physical security consulting nationwide.

What is Physical Security?

While much of the recent focus in the security industry has been on cyber threats, securing the premises of a business from physical threats remains as important as ever. Physical security refers to the systems of procedures, tools, and countermeasures designed to prevent physical attacks or break-ins.

In general, physical security involves defending a business’s personnel, hardware, inventory, and physical premises from direct threats. These threats could include break-ins or violent crimes on the premises. While insurance proceeds often cover these losses, developing a security protocol to prevent these threats is essential.

Taking Control of Physical Access

One of the most important things our security experts evaluate when consulting with business owners is physical access to the building. Controlling access to the premises of a business can greatly reduce the threat of criminal activity, particularly theft.

Physical barriers are one option our team could recommend; this could include limiting access through fencing or other barriers. The most important access point—the doors of the business—could be secured with keypads or other security options.

Getting the Most from Your Surveillance

Limiting access to the premises and tracking who comes and goes are important parts of physical security. Our consultants can also help improve your surveillance equipment to further strengthen your physical security systems.

There are different options when it comes to surveillance. The most common approach involves closed-circuit television (CCTV). CCTV cameras can monitor every corner of a business, including entrances, exits, and high-risk areas like parking lots. Visible cameras serve as a deterrent, and live footage, if monitored, could help prevent crimes entirely. Besides that, footage collected by these systems could help identify culprits following a crime. Our consultants can explain your options for modernizing your physical security systems and gaining access to these essential methods of prevention.

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At Kolins Security Group, we offer free consultations to answer your questions and advise you on your options. Our team is experienced in physical security consulting and can help you identify and meet your needs.

Our risk assessments and recommendations for countermeasures assist property owners in prioritizing so they can address the most important and urgent security risks first. Our experts are impartial as we are not affiliated with companies selling security products and do not limit ourselves to specific brands and product types that we recommend. Contact us today to learn more or for a free consultation on our services.