Nightclubs, casinos, hotels, bars, cruise ships, and other businesses are heavily regulated due to their potential to harm the public. Kolins Security Group experts have significant experience working within these regulated industries and will deliver solid steps for our clients to follow in order to become or remain compliant. For instance, our experienced team works with local establishments licensed to serve alcohol to ensure owners, managers, servers, and sellers comply with the mandatory training and certification Pennsylvania imposes on them with its Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP).

Effective security is a business’s best defense against criminal activity on the premises. Conspicuous security officers deter criminals, and employees trained in security protocols help keep our clients and their customers safe, too. For security compliance reviews, trust the experts at KSG.

Identifying Security Threats in Nightclubs and Bars

We have trained numerous nightclub and bar owners to identify threatening behavior and intoxication. Threatening behavior is any intentional act that causes a reasonable person to think they may be hurt. These behaviors may include screaming at other patrons, obstructing them, or even pounding on the bar top. Signs that a patron may be intoxicated include:

  • Speaking loudly or boastfully
  • Acting in a crude manner
  • Slurring words
  • Losing balance
  • Drinking alone or too fast

Identifying intoxicated patrons and promoting responsible liquor service are vital parts of our training; according to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, a significant percentage of violent crimes involve alcohol. It is also illegal to serve alcohol to a visibly intoxicated patron. Our security compliance experts give servers methods to stop intoxicated patrons from driving and to refuse service to intoxicated patrons without violating the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act. Our security compliance reviews help prevent scenarios where an intoxicated patron harms another person, potentially leading to lawsuits against the bar.

We help bar and nightclub owners establish security personnel protocols and train security staff in de-escalation techniques. De-escalation methods are used to calm a situation, generally involving angry bar patrons heading for fights or aggressive bartenders who refuse to continue serving them. Calmness, empathy, respect, and active listening are useful de-escalation tactics.

Security Compliance Reviews for Hotels and Resorts

Our experts routinely assist hotels and resorts in developing key procedures to keep guests safe. This begins by maintaining tight control over which employees are authorized to create and distribute electronic room keys from master keys, how those master keys are stored, and how often they are inventoried. Front desk personnel are taught to protect guests by refraining from announcing room numbers and confirming a guest’s name before patching through phone calls.

Our protocols also keep employees safe. Employees with access to hotel and resort safes are taught to handle money discreetly. Housekeepers are trained in safety procedures while they clean a guest’s room alone. We’ve trained hotel and motel staff to identify suspicious persons and behavior.

There is no definitive action that gives a suspicious person away—many people are nervous for innocent reasons—but training hotel and motel staff members to recognize suspicious behavior can empower them to prevent potentially dangerous scenarios. Our security compliance experts can review a business’s safety protocols for these situations, such as reporting the person and location to management or asking security to intercede.

Contact Our Team for Security Compliance Reviews

Effective security is crucial for protecting your business, customers, and employees. Moreover, many industries must comply with state and federal regulations regarding security protocols. Ensuring your business’s compliance can protect you from legal ramifications.

Reach out to Kolins Security Group for thorough security compliance reviews nationwide. Our experts can use these assessments to develop security protocols tailored to your business. KSG can also conduct regular security audits to identify any execution weaknesses and ensure your practices remain in compliance. Contact us today for a free consultation.