Security Guard Killed by Patron Outside New Mexico Gentlemen’s Club

Russell Kolins of the Kolins Security Group was retained by the defense. A patron in a gentlemen’s club became involved in a verbal altercation with another group of patrons. The aggressor group was ejected as was the individual who became irritated as a result of his experience with the aggressors. After the other group left the parking lot, the individual was walked to his vehicle by a security guard which violated the written policy and procedure of the gentlemen’s club. Guards were only permitted to escort entertainers and female patrons to their vehicles. As the guard and patron arrived at his car, the patron, still aggravated, reached into the front seat area, pulled out a handgun, then shot and killed the guard. Russ’ opinion included that the guard violated policy and industry standard by placing himself in harm’s way for which the club was not responsible. A judge agreed and granted Summary Judgement which defense counsel advised was based in part on Russ’ opinions.